Top 10 Ways A Technical Writing Consultant Can Help Your Business

by Dawn Santoianni

Businesses often ask why they should hire a technical writing consultant, particularly if they have a tech pubs department within their company.  Here are the top 10 ways a technical writing consultant can help your business:

  1. Translate “engineering-ease” into English: Content that is written by scientists – or worse, engineers – can sometimes be difficult to understand for non-technical audiences or readers outside the technical discipline.  A technical writing consultant is adept at translating technical and engineering speak and making it clear.  Even better – a consultant with an engineering background because we understand the jargon!
  2. Help you overcome “writer’s block”: Sometimes you may find it difficult to find the words to describe your technical work, or struggle with fluidity and readability.  A writing consultant with a technical background can ask the right questions, bridge incomplete thoughts, and give you the tools to effectively convey your work in words.
  3. See the bigger picture: Technical writing consultants can see the forest for the trees, that is we know how to discern the most important aspects of a written technical work and make it work seamlessly with your marketing plan.  Tau Technical brings the marketing experience as well as writing proficiency to help your technical communications support your marketing efforts.
  4. Create an impression with your presentations: Far too many technical presentations are bland, boring, and difficult to read.  Why settle for mediocrity when you can have a presentation that stands out? Tau Technical will help you create a presentation with style and clarity.
  5. Innovate and reinvent your technical communications style: Ever been frustrated by a tech pubs department that couldn’t get the work done when you needed it, or how you needed it, because it was outside of policy, procedure, or conventional formatting?  Effective technical writing consultants customize the communications to meet the client’s needs, work with ridiculous deadlines, and create something “out of the box.”
  6. Understand what’s important: Is it an important proposal, congressional testimony, or other high-profile technical work that you can’t afford to waste time with rewrites and mistakes?  Technical writing consultants make your priority their priority.  You can’t afford to send your important documents off to non-technical editors that inadvertently change a symbol, replace jargon with a word that makes no sense, and can’t review equations for accuracy.  Technical writing consultants will save you time and headaches.
  7. Differentiate from competitors: Technical writing consultants have worked with a lot of clients, produced many different styles of technical communications, and have seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.  If your company wants to stand out within your industry, you could do a lot of competitor research, or you could hire a technical writing consultant. We can assist with anything from brainstorming to branding to document layout and design.
  8. Save time and money: It seems counter-intuitive that hiring a technical writing consultant will save your company money, rather than doing the writing in house. Technical writing consultants work efficiently and know what your document needs (or doesn’t need), saving you a lot of wasted effort.
  9. Avoid the dreaded cut-and-paste hatchet job: Let’s face it, we all try to avoid writing new content when perfectly adequate content is available from other documents.  Problem is, when you cut-and-paste from multiple reports or proposals, your work reads choppy with an inconsistent style.  Even throwing in a transition sentence or two doesn’t fix the mess.  Technical writing consultants make their living turning cut-and-paste hatchet jobs into eloquently written treatises.
  10. Turn mediocre into splendid: Why settle for “good enough” when a technical writing consultant can transform it into something exceptional? Tau Technical specializes in creating technical communications with impact, making your work shine.

To enjoy a humorous parody on why you shouldn’t hire a technical writer, check out this great blog post.



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