The Tau Advantage

Tau Technical combines over 20 years of engineering expertise with relevant writing and editing experience, energy expertise, and design savvy to provide customized technical communications solutions to clients. Don’t trust your important technical documents to someone who does not have a scientific background and cannot understand the subject material. Effective technical communication is fundamentally different than non-technical writing.

Top 5 Reasons Tau Technical Provides Exceptional Value

1. Writing Excellence

We help you avoid those “uh-oh” moments, when you realize that your staff lack the time, skills, or sometimes even desire to write effectively with a looming deadline. A poorly written document reflects badly on your organization. Tau Technical knows how to successfully communicate complex technical subjects to a non-technical audience, taking otherwise difficult-to-read material and making it accessible, easy to follow, and a good read. We leverage our engineering knowledge to conceptualize and design communication materials with exceptional content.

2. High Profile = High Impact

In the energy industry, what you don’t say, or how you say it can be as important as what you do say. Whether it is an advocacy communication, press release, or regulatory commenting, you only have one chance to get it right. Tau Technical specializes in high-profile technical communications for the environmental and energy industries, such as reports prepared for regulatory agencies or Congress. We will make your technical documents withstand scientific scrutiny.

3. Publications and Social Media Experience

Getting an idea or project from concept to publication can be a trying experience. We know what it takes to get technical papers through peer review and into final publication, design marketing materials and technical briefs from lengthy reports, and connect with readers. Today, social media is an important tool to communicate your message, but it is often overlooked due to time constraints or lack of experience. Tau Technical can help you harness the power of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, leveraging Dawn’s established social media credentials. Our experience with all types of publications – online and traditional – means less headaches and revisions for you.

4. Trust

Trust. It isn’t just a tagline at Tau Technical. Dawn has worked for years under confidentiality agreements with various companies, and has built her reputation and business on the relationships she has developed. Confidential information for proposals and reports is always safely guarded when you choose Tau Technical. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are offered upon request.

5. Commitment

Tau Technical is different than other technical writing companies that farm out the work to contractors who are unfamiliar with your business or the technical subject matter. With some other contracting firms, you may never even talk to the writer! Dawn invests the time to develop collaborative relationships with clients and understand each customer’s challenges and goals. When you choose Tau Technical you will be assured of getting responsive, personalized, high quality service you can rely on. You get the work ethic and commitment of Dawn Santoianni.

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