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The difference between presentation and true communication is understanding.

Tau Technical Communications makes the complex easy to understand. Science and technical topics can be difficult for the public, your customers, or elected officials to grasp. Dawn Santoianni has a proven track record for creating communications that engage audiences, generate interaction, and have high impact. Tau Technical offers a range of services including original written analysis, website and blog articles, copy editing, social media integration, and technical reviews. One of the unique advantages of working with Tau Technical is Dawn’s engineering background and skill at interviewing scientists, engineers, and economists and then translating technical concepts into clear information.

Freelance Writing and Original Commentary

Draw on Dawn Santoianni’s energy expertise and writing credentials to have original written content developed for your website, blog, public outreach, or scientific communications. Dawn has written blog posts, expert commentary, and feature articles for Scientific American, American Coal Magazine, OurEnergyPolicy, and other respected publications. Dawn has a unique talent for making highly scientific and technical subjects accessible and interesting to public audiences.

Technical Reviews

Have you ever struggled to communicate the unique features of your technology or product? Are your customers confused as to the difference between your technology or process and a competitor’s? Do you need to know what the state-of-the-art and current technology limitations are? Tau Technical can help connect your technology with your potential customers. Dawn has performed technical reviews on a variety of subjects, including power generating technologies, waste-to-energy, recycling, renewable energy, distributed energy, and environmental issues. Dawn has vast experience with literature reviews, and will compile, review, and summarize relevant scientific publications.

Social Media Integration

Is your company effectively utilizing social media to reach out to potential customers, stakeholders, or the general public? If you feel like trying to keep up with the thought current on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social forums is overwhelming, Tau Technical can help provide targeted strategies for getting your message out. Remember, if you aren’t engaged in the dialogue, then you can’t influence how people perceive your company or service.

Energy Policy Analysis

Tau Technical provides expert analysis of energy and environmental policies, with experience in formal regulatory commenting, congressional testimony, regulatory impact analysis (RIA), and environmental compliance requirements.

Technical and Executive Reports

Technical reports can be among the most challenging scientific communication materials to prepare because you need to accurately represent methodology, analysis, data, and results in a format that is clear, accessible, and enjoyable to read. We bring you the expertise necessary to produce an outstanding technical document that will contribute to the success of your business. We can also design and prepare a technically-based report geared toward the non-technical executive or congressional reader that is visually appealing, engaging, and succinctly conveys critical information.

White Papers

White papers are a terrific way to highlight original work, elevate your company’s profile, and simultaneously market to potential customers.  Tau Technical will help you create white papers with impact.

Technical Presentations

Ever sit through a technical presentation unable to read the graphics or tables on the slides?  Your presentation is a representation of your company – jumbled, confusing, boring, or hard-to-read slides are NOT the message you want to send! Conveying technical data and results in an appealing and interesting format can be a challenge, but Tau Technical has creative tricks and designs that will make your presentation stand out above the rest.

Corporate Newsletters and Journals

A corporate technical journal is an excellent tool for firm-wide technology transfer and employee recognition.  Corporate newsletters and journals are also great marketing vehicles that can be distributed to existing and potential clients, and used as conference/exposition takeaway materials. Transforming reports and materials written by engineering staff into a corporate newsletter requires the right balance of editing and marketing savvy that Tau Technical provides.

Corporate Marketing Materials

Don’t wait for the RFP to be issued before getting your key personnel and corporate qualifications developed.  Tau Technical will help you develop cut sheets, project profiles, and qualifications statements that can be efficiently used in your next proposal.  Cut sheets are also valuable marketing materials that can be sent to prospective clients.

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