Tau Technical Communications was founded by Dawn Santoianni, an engineering professional who has produced scientific documents for congressional, academic, corporate, and public audiences over the the past two decades. She is a faculty member of The Oxford Princeton Programme where she develops and leads courses on coal technologies, markets and regulations.

Dawn has leveraged her engineering knowledge and analytical skills to edit regulatory compliance documents, write technical reports, conduct economic assessments, produce white papers, develop quality assurance plans, and design technical proposals. Portfolio items are roughly listed by completion date, and most items are in the public domain. If you would like to see further credentials including a CV, or want to view an actual piece, please contact Dawn.

Radio Interview:

Dawn was interviewed bMicrogrid-global-view-300x225y the Australian Broadcasting Corp Radio Network for the show Future Tense. Microgrids: hyper-distributed power was broadcast on October 13, 2013. The podcast and transcript can be accessed from the Radio Network website. The interview covered drivers and challenges to microgrid adoption, including electric reliability, economic and regulatory issues.

 Original Written Content:

Dawn was asked to write a series of technical ICE cutawaycomparisons on the differences between gas turbines and reciprocating engines for power generation. The technical comparisons were to be showcased on a new section of the client’s corporate website. The client needed a writer that had knowledge of power generating technologies, electric transmission constraints, and could interview their engineers and subject matter experts. The content Dawn wrote can be viewed under the “Technical Comparisons” section on the client’s website.

Dawn was invited by the editors of Scientific American to provide commentary on the technological challenges of reducing reliance on coal power and integrating renewable energy sources into the U.S. electric grid. The intent of the piece was to inform readers of the evolution of the nation’s generating fleet and transmission system. The Backbone of the Electric System: A Legacy of Coal and the Challenge of Renewables was one of the most read blog posts when it appeared.

microgrid-city-viewDawn wrote about microgrid technology for Scientific American’s Plugged In blog, including the economic and regulatory obstacles to adoption. Are Microgrids the Key to Energy Security? was published in December 2012. Dawn also wrote Innovation Cleans Up Waste-to-Energy for Scientific American, reviewing potential waste-to-energy (WTE) technology game-changers.

Coal train_widget sizeDawn was invited by American Coal Magazine to provide commentary on coal power and the implications of low natural gas prices and technological possibilities. Is There a Future for Coal Power was published in the fall 2012 issue. Dawn recently authored a second article for American Coal on sustainability issues for coal ash management and recycling. That issue is in publication.

Presentations and Conference Papers:

Dawn presented two papers at the 2014 World of Coal Ash in Lexington Kentucky on Job Impacts in the Coal Industry: What Can We Expect from the Natural Gas Boom and Environmental Regulations? and The Social Media Battleground: How Public Perception, Science Communication, Media Coverage, and Politics Are Shaped by Social Media. To see either PowerPoint presentation, contact Dawn.

Proposal Design:

Dawn designed and produced a successful proposal to the world’s leading entertainment and eCommerce company on behalf of a local entertainment venue. The client had no content or qualifications developed prior to initiating the project, so Dawn interviewed the management team and wrote content for the proposal. The proposal included technical data, demographic data, management profiles, and featured modern design with numerous full-color images on every page.

Executive Report:

Dawn led the development of an executive report that was sent to members of Congress for consideration during the crafting of new legislation. It was important to the client that the report conveyed pertinent analysis methodology but presented key findings in a visually appealing format. The report was used as a reference by Congressional leaders during Committee markup on the proposed legislation.

Congressional Testimony:

Dawn testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy on April 14, 2011. The hearing focused on H.R. 1391, a bill to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating fossil fuel combustion waste under subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Click on the link above to watch the webcast. Dawn’s testimony starts at time 1:48:00.

Technical Report:

Dawn was a principal investigator and author on a technical report used for formal comment to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on a proposed environmental regulation.  The report, Cost Analysis of Proposed National Regulation of Coal Combustion Residuals from the Electric Generating Industry 1022296, follows the client’s standard formatting and style.

White Paper:

A white paper on the technical and regulatory barriers to utility-scale electricity derived from animal waste was presented by Dawn at the Energy, Utility, & Environment Conference (EUEC) and published in the conference proceedings journal. Contact Dawn for a copy of the paper.

Select Journal Publications:

Yoo, J.I., T. Shinagawa, J.P. Wood, W.P. Linak, D.A. Santoianni, C.J. King, Y.C. Seo, and J.O.L. Wendt.  2005.  “High Temperature Sorption of Cesium and Strontium on Kaolinite Powders in Combustors.”  Environmental Science & Technology 39: 5087–5094.

Lemieux, P.M., C.C. Lutes, and D.A. Santoianni.  2004.  “Emissions of Organic Air Toxics from Open Burning:  A Comprehensive Review.”  Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 30(1): 1–32.

Linak, W.P., C.A. Miller, D.A. Santoianni, C.J. King, T. Shinagawa, J.O.L. Wendt, J.I. Yoo, and Y.C. Seo.  2004.  “High Temperature Interactions between Residual Oil Ash and Dispersed Kaolinite Powders.”  Aerosol Science & Technology 38: 1–14.

Linak, W.P., C.A. Miller, D.A. Santoianni, C.J. King, T. Shinagawa, J.O.L. Wendt, J.I. Yoo, and Y.C. Seo. 2003. “Formation of Fine Particles from Residual Oil Combustion: Reducing Nuclei through the Addition of Inorganic Sorbent.” Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 20(4):664–669.

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