Mission and Values

Tau Technical Communications is committed to helping clients achieve clarity and impact from their technical communications and marketing materials. Tau Technical produces communications with scientific transparency and credibility for congressional, governmental, corporate, and public audiences.

 Our Values:


Tau Technical Communications prides itself on producing quality documents and communication materials, maintaining focus and commitment throughout each project from start to finish, providing superior value to our customers through efficiency and work ethic, and injecting innovative ideas into technical communications.


Tau Technical produces communications materials that are transparent, instill confidence, and adhere to the principles of scientific integrity.


The most successful, cost-efficient solutions and communications are derived from collaborative work relationships.  Tau Technical works with interdisciplinary personnel from industry, academia, and government to ensure communication materials are targeted, clear, and effective.


Effective technical communication is more than just the accurate reporting of data, information, and results!  It conveys complex subjects in understandable narrative and clear graphics that are accessible to a wide range of readers.  At Tau Technical, we pride ourselves on excellence in technical communications by producing high-impact materials that help clients achieve their business goals.


Successful business relationships are founded on trust.  Tau Technical will protect confidential information and maintain open and honest relationships with our clients.

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